Sunday, 9 April 2017

Impact of GST on Home Buyers and Renters in India

Impact of GST on Home Buyers and Renters in India

The Lower House of Parliament of India has cleared four bills in planning of the upcoming roll out of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) administration: Integrated GST, Union Territory GST, Central GST, and Compensation Bill.

This sets the stage for states to authorize laws and actualize the new tax system from July. The duty rates applicable on items and services are relied upon to be declared by the legislature by April-end. Therefore, once GST becomes effective from July, the leasing of land and buildings - and home loan EMIs paid by the individuals who buy under-development flats - will pull in the appropriate duty rate. Depending upon the tax rate that gets reported for land, the impact could be higher or lower than today.

Industry Expectations

The industry experts hopes that a lower tax rate of 12% on under-construction real estate projects will help diminish the cost of homes and increase affordability for end-users. However, a higher rate of 18 per cent will make under-construction apartments more expensive for buyers, making it difficult for them to invest in residential projects.

Impact of Central GST on Affordable Housing

After implementation of Goods and Services Tax, leasing of land and buildings, as well as EMIs paid on the home loan taken for purchasing an under-construction housing unit, will attract tax. Needless to say, the impact of this new tax on real estate market can be guessed only after the declaration of the tax rate.

Experts believe that input credit allowance will bring down the cost for builders, directly affecting the overall price of a property. If builders transfer the benefit to the clients, home buyers in India will be able to save up to 20 per cent. Though GST will make property expensive for the end-users due to increased rate of taxes, they can still get benefited from it, if builder pass on the reduced cost to them.

Given the Government's objective of 'Housing for All by 2022', this exception is probably going to proceed under the new tax regime. Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MHUPA) has also asked for the states and union regions to consider waiver or defense of stamp obligation on moderate lodging ventures.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Provident fund may get you a home loan!!

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization, also known as EPFO is considering the decision of letting the subscribers pledge their future PF contributions to buy a house.  Here is how to use your Provident Fund to finance a home purchase. 

Purchase of a house/plot or Construction of the house:

Under the Provident Fund scheme, a subscriber can withdraw his PF money after the contribution of 5 years for the purchase or construction of house. The loan amount would depend on the purpose for which you are taking the loan. For purchasing a plot, the loan available shall be restricted to 24 months’ basic salary and dearness allowance (DA) and in case of the loan, to purchase or construct a house; availability shall be enhanced to 36 months of basic salary and DA. It is pertinent to note that the property cannot be purchased jointly with anybody else, except your spouse.
In case you withdraw from your provident fund account, the construction should begin within six months and be completed within 12 months of the withdrawal. In case you intend to buy a ready house, the purchase also needs to be completed within six months. The withdrawals for the purchase or the construction can be made in one or more installments, depending on the circumstances.
Subscribers can also avail the withdrawal facility again for additions or improvement of the house, only after 10 years from the first withdrawal, subject to the same eligibility criteria, vis-à-vis the amount.

Repayment of housing loan through Advances

For the repayment of the outstanding balance of home loan taken by you, the provident fund scheme allows you to avail of the withdrawal facility. The advance amount cannot exceed 36 months of basic salary and DA. This withdrawal can only be made for loans availed from specified entities like public financial institutions, Municipal Corporation, governments and state government, registered co-operative society, state housing board, nationalized banks, or a development authority.

The proposal, however, is in preliminary discussion stage and the government is exploring the possibility for providing a suitable low-cost housing scheme for subscribers of Employees Provident Fund.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Goods and Service Tax Bill – A boon for the buyers & sellers!

Real estate segment has witnessed a phenomenal growth in recent past. The growth is not just limited to Tier 1 cities, but even Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns.  The industry is in the conflict of increased regulations, with bills such as the Real Estate Bill for Regulation and Development, which is still pending for approval.  GST is one of those developments that will have a significant impact on this sector.

The implementation of this law will single-handedly solve many challenges faced by the real estate sector. This will also help in breaking the long slumber of this sluggish sector. The taxes being paid by the developers currently will go down by considerable percent.

Construction costs would also be reduced to some extent and this benefit can be passed on to the buyers, thereby spurring buying of homes, he added.

If a clear uniform rate for one tax that covers everything that the buyers need to pay in taxes to authorities, the whole payment process will become very easy and convenient for the buyers. In this case, even a higher rate would be more acceptable to the buyers than a lack of clarity.

However, the model suggested for GST Law restricts the availability of credit on goods and services to be acquired for the construction of immovable property other than plant and machinery. This clause in particular may lead to litigation, resulting in denial of availability of credits in certain situations.

The approval of GST Bill is the biggest indirect taxation reform being introduced in the country. It could be a turning point in the real estate sector which is currently plagued and loaded with a myriad of indirect tax issues.

We would like to believe that the bill brings a more comprehensive & uniformed tax structure to ensure greater transparency in the real estate sector.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

8 Things You Must Do Once A Week For Your Home!

Weekend is the time to enjoy and complete the unfinished tasks that bothered you for the whole week. So gear up, hold your duster and keep ticking off these 8 things you must do once every week to ensure you home stays clean and beautiful :

1) Wipe the Appliances:
Take off covers from your ACs and Refrigerators and remove the dust. We assume that we have covered all appliances but usually, little dust particles are always there beneath the covers. Never Ignore!!

2)Scrub the toilets, tubs, showers & sinks
Hygiene is where cleanliness is. Scrub the toilets, bath tubs, showers and sinks by using phenyl & anti germ liquids like Dettol, Lizol etc. Rise and Shine!!

3)Clean the Mirrors
Give crystal clear shine to your bathroom, washbasin & dressing table mirrors. Clean mirrors reflect a healthy & happy home. Why not take some selfies, eh?

4)Dust furniture & shelving
Your furniture defines you. Keeping your furniture clean and dust free must be your primary work. Along with that, ensure you clean your book racks & clothing shelves to give an organised look to your home.

5)Change the bed liners
At the end of the day, it’s your bed that dons the role of your best friend. Replace your bed sheet every week and ensure the lower half of the bed remains clean of dust.

6)Do the laundry
You can ignore everything but not your laundry. Neat & Clean clothes represent your personality. Never let it down. We understand that it is a tedious task, so switch on your music system and get, set, laundry!!

7)Vacuum carpets & rugs
Beautifully laid & well maintained carpets and rugs create an ambience of luxury around your living room. To ensure things stay as they are, vacuum your home carpets and rugs properly.

PRO TIP : Give special attention to the stink of sauces & ugly shoe patches. 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Arihant Buildcon wins the prestigious Assocham Excellence Award 2016

 On 20, July, 2016  Arihant Group received the award in “Emerging Quality Construction in Affordable Housing” Category from Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, Union Minister for Urban Development, Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, I&B and Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, Union Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs at the ‘National Summit Finance for Housing for All’ event hosted by Assocham India at the Le Meridien New Delhi. The esteemed award was received by none other than Mr Nitish Jain, Director, Arihant Buildcon Pvt Ltd. Here are the few glimpses of the event wherein Mr Jain put forth his views on various points discussed during the course of the event.

1.  Mr. Nitish sharing his views on "Aluminium Form of Construction" and new technologies that will benefit the builder as well as the users in terms of delivery.

2. Mr. Nitish Jain discusses the role of Housing Finance Corporations in Housing for All

3. Mr. Nitish Jain shares his views on future of real estate in 2022 

 The prestigious award being received by Mr Jain from Mr Venkaiah Naidu and Mr Arjun Ram Meghwal at the event.

 We will continue to complete our promised commitments towards our partners and customers, we will strive to implement the best of modern day technology combined with quality to achieve our vision.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

4 must-do Home Décor Ideas for Summer
The best part about summer is being in a complete relaxed mood. So why not enhance your relaxing time at home with some cool interior décor ideas? From warm colour palettes to casual furnishing, summer decor ideas are not just easy to implement but are sure to give you the complete cool comfort that you long for. Given below are few ideas for easy summer decor that will let you forget all about the scorching heat outside.

Dark and muted tones do not go very well with summer. Choose light and pastel coloured furniture, removable slipcovers, decorative throws or floral cushions in order to make your room vibrant and fresh.

Let in the cool night air and keep out the heat. It’s better to opt for curtains instead of drapes for the summer season.

 Kids Friendly
You can’t deny the fact that it is summer time and the kids are out of school. You can also encourage your kids to indulge in art and crafts activities like making decorative pieces with seashells, pine cones, etc. turn the best of their projects in a sweet home décor and show them around.

Outdoors also play an important role in livening up your mood while on a sunny day. Make space for flowers and plants and bring in some fresh fruit centrepieces.

This summer, if you want to revamp your house, giving it the perfect summer feel then refer to the above ideas and go for it. After all, it’s all about balancing it right and blending it with relaxation and enjoyment. Let the summer be as refreshing as you desire.  

Friday, 10 June 2016

Ready To Buy Your First Home?

Planning to buy a home for the very first time? Investing in a new home is one of the best kinds of investment in today’s age. While planning on the home, the few things that you consider are budget, space and feasibility. However, many first time home buyers get overwhelmed with the fact that buying a home comes with a wide load of responsibilities, majorly financial.
Given below are few things you should note if you are planning on purchasing house for the first time.

Contact a Buyer's Agent
Many people do not understand the role of a buyer’s agent. Buyer’s agents are experienced people within a certain locality. They have thorough knowledge and information about the complete location, including connectivity, availability of offices, educational institutes and commercial areas. They are the best people who can search you a house that best fits your budget. These agents also have the legal obligation of introducing you to the builder or developer from whom you plan you purchase. The agents negotiate contracts and will help you through the complete buying process. If required, they can also help you find attorneys, inspectors and movers.

Take Professional Financial Advice
While buying your new home, you have to deal with huge amount of money transaction. Therefore, it is wise to consult a financial expert. These experts will walk you through many different kinds of home loans that best suits your requirements and budget. This information will enable you to filter out your choices and make it easier for you to search.

Gather Market Knowledge
Here, you might need a little help from the buyer’s agent. The agents can gather you all the market comparables in a particular area of your interest. They will let you know the recent selling prices of the homes that you decide upon. This information will further help you negotiate with your offer price. At times you may come across houses where negotiation becomes a must. However, the homes that are fairly rated based on the rest of the market, may need no negotiation at all.

Get a Thorough Inspection
This is one of the major steps that one must implement while buying a new home. A thorough inspection is very crucial. No matter how good your home appears and how perfectly it meets your budget, there could be certain underlying issues that might end up causing undue stress. If any issue is found during the inspection, you could ask your buyer’s agent to get it fixed. However, if the issues are too large you can always pull back your decision of buying the house.

Thus, list down your requirements and start looking out. Buying your first house, referring to the above mentioned points, would make your search smooth and hassle free. let your new home be one of your best investments.